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Fall in love with Spain, where food, friends, family and fun rule all. Whether you're looking to follow royal footsteps in Madrid, lose yourself in Barcelona's sea breeze, or tame the brave bull in Andalucía, adventure awaits around every corner.

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From Porto's dazzling architecture and the vision of vibrant Lisboa reigning atop her seven hills, to the crimson cliffs of the Algarve down south, the remarkable coastal country of Portugal is bursting with gems to be discovered.

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Made for Spain & Portugal designs custom itineraries for discerning travelers looking to discover the true heart and soul of the Iberian Peninsula. Our lofty standards focus on immersive and transformative experiences, sustainable luxury and top-notch service, all with the goal of providing travelers with a meaningful, enriching journey and life-long memories. Our bespoke itineraries include experiences, transport as well as accommodations.

We are hosts of travelers, and we can’t wait to welcome you home.

Travelers’ health, happiness and well-being is our top priority, and each in every experience is designed with this in mind. For updates on the COVID-19 situation in Spain & Portugal, opening dates and our health and safety measures, click here.

  • “But for some travelers, money isn’t the issue; it’s getting exactly what you want, when you want it. As Rozanne Silverwood of Reston, Va., says of her family’s recent two weeks with local operator Made for Spain: It was a dream trip in every way. Our guides were superb, and drivers made the experience a vacation rather than a headache. They even managed to engage our three teenage daughters in the local culture,now that’s really saying something.”

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  • F. Peter Herff II
    Travel agent at Herff Travel, Inc.

    “What can I say but WOW. There is a reason I tell all my colleagues you are truly the bench mark for all on sites and truly we work with great people all over the world”

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To help you to get the know the best of Spain and Portugal, we´ve compiled all of our top recommendations and experiences into easy to read guidebooks. To download them, follow the links below.

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